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  • The service scope extends to many countries and regions in the world. Establish and maintain close relations with port, customs, commodity inspection and other institutions. 
  • The company has a mature business operation and service team, through advanced management concepts and scientific management methods 


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KRT International Logistics Co.,Ltd.------a global import and export trade partner. The company was established in 2011. Over all this years, It has provided our customers with comprehensive support for sea, air and land transportation service. Our team provice the most economical, and most convenient cargo transportation solution to our customers; With full coverage of the entire logistics supply chain and differentiated professional logistics servicesConsequently, our team of dedicated staff has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge to handle all types of containerized cargoes.

International express service

600 branches and overseas agents to provide you with professional international express service, 24 hours online for you to solve problems;

Third-party logistics service

One-stop "all-round transportation services, including transportation and distribution services, warehousing services, value-added services, information services, overall planning and design;


To provide you with convenient and effective solutions.

Business scope

The main business scope: road transportation, sea transportation, railway, air freight forwarding, transport and warehousing and distribution services, professional destination port customs clearance services, global supply chain customized services and other one-stop services, for you to become more efficient and stand out in the business competition.

Railway transportation
Air cargo
Road transport
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To provide you with professional agent inspection, customs clearance, booking, customs clearance, domestic transportation services.


National freight forwarder qualification comprehensive logistics company

Hot business
Bulk transport
Bulk transport
Transport of goods
Transport of goods
Luggage consignment
Luggage consignment

Our advantage

The company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength, reasonable price, our company can pay a certain amount of risk deposit according to the actual amount of goods, valuables can be sent to escort.

  Strong transportation capacity

With Jiefang, Dongfeng, Isuzu, Cummins and other formats of hundreds of transport vehicles, professional engaged in domestic cargo transport services, has a rigorous transportation organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transport companies.

Professional logistics services

Our company has an information system, the whole process can be seen, so that you can grasp the accurate progress of each business at any time. Strict process system, the system to eliminate errors and accidents, improve the emergency treatment mechanism and security system, timely resolve the loss.
Huge market resources

With multi-temperature control combined transportation, distribution capacity and alienated service transportation products and models, with a rigorous transportation organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transportation company.
Professional team members

The company has a strong competitive, professional operation team. Specializing in domestic goods transportation services, has a rigorous transportation organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transportation company.

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